About Us

The Eczema Society of Canada (ESC) is a registered Canadian charity, founded in 1997 by Dr. Bernice Krafchik and a concerned group of parents. We are dedicated to education, eczema awareness, providing support, and supporting research.

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Our Mission Statement

We are dedicated to meeting the needs of those suffering with eczema by providing support, education, raising awareness, and supporting ongoing research activities. As well, we have a strong commitment to the continuing support of the medical community.


Board of Directors

Rachel Asiniwasis, MD, FRCPC (Dermatology)

Amanda Cresswell-Melville, Honours B.A., B.Ed.

Lesley Eisel,  RN, BA.

Joseph M. Lam, MD, FRCPC (Paediatrics)

Arima Ventin, BPhm, MBA.

Miriam Weinstein, BSc, BScN, MD, FRCPC (Dermatology, Paediatrics)